Stuarts Income – Internet Marketing Beginner – Part 4

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Stuarts Income – Creating the Site Structure/Content & Researching and writing the first article

Site structure

The site should initially be set up for a few pages, get the basics down.

Contact – just piece of text and contact form

About – just a blurb about what you are and why you are here … make you look more real!

Privacy Policy – important for when you collect peoples personal info for lists and stuff – plus the search engines like this.

Terms and conditions – this is very important if you use Google ad-words, you will need to add the Adsense policy to this page

Content items to aim for are about 15 – 20 pages per site depending on the site you are trying to build.

Initially try to get 5 highly related article on to the site, one of the articles which is your main article should be a ‘sticky’ article that remains on the home page.

Put a couple of links with the anchor text using your keywords on this (main article) page to other highly relevant article posts you have created (Internal Linking).

Number of keywords to target in the niche for the content – from 1-4 initially.

You should try to add a video to the home page to allow visitors to remain engaged and give you ‘Time on Site’ improvements for SEO.

You need to get the visitors to go to at least 2 other pages – so build the content in a way that would encourage this.

*** Good Tip ***

When searching for your keyword in Google you will notice at the bottom of the page you are given related terms

Google Related Terms

Its a good idea to get these terms amongst your content in some way. Google thinks these items are highly relevant to your search and therefore will award you a higher rank if you include them in your content (apparently).  These should also be added through in the ‘tags’ section to give you a little more juice.

If you are targeting specific regions they should also be in here in some way.

When adding the content you should also add the content to keyword rich categories as this is going to help with the SEO juice.

Researching the content

To research the content for your articles you can use a cool tool which allows you to look at what kind of questions people are asking related to your keywords – WordTracker

Yahoo Answers – looks for peoples problems and the answers people have provided.

Look on YouTube, search for your keywords and see if there are any cool videos, maybe you can even use the vids if they contain embed code you could even use this.

Article directories – loads out there to looks through for content.

Competitors – check what they are writing about.

Article writers – Outsource

You can outsource this work, but initially you should do this so you get used to the idea of articles and structure etc.

An example of one is here: Oziomedia

Content make-up

Keep the keyword density at about 2% – 10 keywords in 500 word article.

Content should contain a mixture of:

Derivative is a variation of your main key word, for example Dog is your sites main key word – Dog Collar is a derivative of this.

Semantic is a an interpretation of a particular word – explanation here is good.

Synonym’s are a word or phrase that mean exactly the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.

This is good for the search engines and will also allow for extra long tail traffic.

Your main article should be about 500 words long

Supporting articles 250 words long

Create a Video – this can be done as a set of slides, power-point presentation converted to a video with voice over. Format to look like your site, this will give you an element of authority.

Login to Youtube and upload the video,link to your website and put a description with your primary keywords – this will get you on page one.. apparently.

your face in the results

Add a picture of your face next to the search result to add weight to your article… check out this site with details

There are more SEO details for each of the articles posts/pages and Site on the next post.


Stuarts Income

*** note, I am 2nd in /goog for this page with “Stuarts Income” kywd… so I have deliberately put “Stuarts Income” in  a few places as tests to see what on page seo works to get to #1


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